Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a Combo

I am now just watching last night's American Idol. So i will be combining the show and the results show's post.

So we're down to the final three: Danny, Adam and my lover Kris. I heard a little spoiler about Kris from my work BFF Whitney. All I have to say is that I heart him so much!

Danny Gokey: Dance Little Sister- Paula's pick- Danny's voice is so amazing!!! But I don't like the song choice Paula!! Just in: Toni just informed me that Danny is a choir director for his church. Explains so much!!!
Danny's pick: You are so beautiful- My prediction that it will be amazing!! Toni's prediction is that he is out. I loved it! His vocals are amazing! A vocal master class- by Simon.

Kris Allen: Judges pick: Apologize- Loved it!!!! He gives me the chingles everytime!!! I love Simon!!!! He called Kara out!!! Awkward fighting and I loved it!
Kris's pick: Heartless: I heard raves about this performance tonight and this was my most anticipated performance. I loved it!!!! Better than the original.

Adam Lambert: Simon's pick: One: Simon said a brilliant brilliant we fast forwarded through half of it.
Adam's Pick: Crying- I persoonally love this song....I wore this albulm out when I was 10 years old!!! I really loved his performance but I don't like him.

The Results: Danny goes home. Boo!!! He's amazing and will do fantastic things!!!

Who will win next week? All of my prayers will be going to Kris!!! Remember to vote as many times for him this next week!!

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elizabeth said...

Whatever. I'm voting for Adam as many times as you're voting for Kris.