Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess who stopped by to visit me at work?

My sweet baby Blair popped in to see me while I was at work today. She looked so adorable in her Alice and Wonderland smocked dress and her hair complete with curls and a bow. We walked over to look at the ducks and turtles and she was so excited. She did all of her tricks, inclding her ballet dancing. She held my hand and gave me sweet kisses.

She looks so much like my little sister Libby so much here. Her hair is getting blonder and blonder. I can't believe that she will be 2 in June!!

Here is another fun picture of her:

And of course I can't forget about my little prince Colin. I bought him a pair of Toms for Christmas and my brother-in-law texted me this picture:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post of what I witnessed this evening. Any guesses? Hint: It involves handcuffs.


elizabeth said...

Aww. She really does look just like Libby. And I can't believe you found Tom's in Colin's size.

Amanda said...

I cannot believe how much she looks like a Kreider!!!