Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Top 7

Tuesday nights are seriously one of my favorite nights because of American Idol. We are now left with 7 contestants. I was going to blog about it last week but I fell asleep with my laptop open on my chest. Boo Radly.

Instead of recapping the entire evening I just want to share my top 10 moments, deep thoughts from Paula and my predictions for bottom 3.

Top 10

10. Paula's Bedazzled top. Really Paula? With all of your money you decide to wear something that looks like something my 11 year old niece bedazzled last week? Gross.

9. Paula comparing Alison to Adam saying they had the same special sauce- authenticity. Great moment here: Simon making a joke about the "special sauce" being BBQ sauce. Cue the crickets.

8. Deciding what gave me the chingles (chills + tingles): a) Anoop performing "Everything I do, I do it for you" or b) Toni saying he was the best looking Indian? Dot not feather.

7. Anoop claiming his singlehood....making Toni giddy for the rest of the night!

6. Adam's performance of "Born to be wild." Yikes! What was with the gasps of vocal air?

5. Simon comparing Adam's performance to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." (my thoughts exactly)

4. The phrase "VOCAL CHOPS" is being overused this season. Mainly by Kara

3. Danny- you look FINE without the glasses!!!

2. Simon rolling his eyes at Paula's comments directed to Danny.

1. Kara saying that Kris' performance was one of the best of the evening....and my personal favorite!! I'm downloading it tonight!

Bottom 3- Alison, Matt and Lil.

This is a segment I would like to call "Paula's Pearls." Paula wows us over and over again with great introspective comments to the contestants. Here are a few from this evenings show:

To Alison: "Alison you have the same special sauce as Adam- authenticity."

To Adam: "Dare to dance in the path of greatness."

To Adam again: "Fortune rewards the brave and your the bravest contestant I have ever witnessed. Ever!"

To Lil: "Sometimes the road is really long but it is a road worthwhile taken especially when your this far."

To Lil: "Those who matter don't mind."

Toni thinks that Paula will be releasing a quote book later this year. She may have some copyright issues though.....

Stay tuned for tomorrow's show that will feature Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus and of course the elimination of one more contestant.


Kris and Libby Brown said...

HaHa! I love it!

Carlyna said...

Do you watch the EW Idolatry videos? If not, you should. Logan got us hooked. And to quote them...'Danny's got to Go-key'. AMEN! He's overrated, screachy, and I'm sorry to say to you...he looks better in his manegerie of glasses.

With that off my chest I can now move one. Kris should be this season's winner. He's excellent! By far his performance last night was the best, despite ding dong Randy's insane comment.

Although Adam is over the top 1/2 the time you can't deny his amazing vocal control...amazing! Do I think he should win, NO! But I think he'll go far and he might. He's not an album maker kind of guy...unless you want to bring back the 80's hair bands. If that were to occur then he'd truly have a place.

Lil, really? The Rose? I told Logan that I could out sing her on that song even the gospel portion and I know that I'm not an American Idol. Which means...neither is she. She's lost herself in the competition I'm sad to say.

Matt is hit and miss...last night...total MISS! Can we say really off key? AWFUL!

I was impressed with Anoop. When they announced the song he was singing I audibly said, "this will be boring". I was pleasantly surprised.

So here's my revised top 4:

There I've said it. My ultimate top pick again is Kris.


Toni said...

I totally agree with Carlyna on EVERYTHING... except Danny! I love, love, love him. My top 4 picks:

Adam (not because I like him, but because he's got mad skill)

Lil Rounds and Matt are gonzo this week! And then I think Kris will be next... looks only take you so far and he's never consistent in performances.

elizabeth said...

I like Danny. I like Danny without glasses better. I also like Adam. He's my favorite.