Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Results

Prediction before the show: Toni felt like they were going to use the save tonight.....
My predictions were Alison, Matt and Lil in the bottom 3.

First person in the bottom 3: Anoop- Toni: "What? His number was busy the entire f-ing night!!! Lying. All Liars!!!"

Second person in the bottom 3: Lil Rounds- No surprise there. Toni:"She's gone."

Third person in the bottom 3: Matt- Toni:"Paula and Matt should have their moles removed together."

2 out of 3 right- Anoop heads back to the couches.....I'm already predicting....Lil is out....Toni agrees.

Lil is safe so Matt sings for his life!! I hope he gets saved!

Miley Cyrus performance: Toni: "I can't understand an f-ing word your saying!" Very angrily. Loved her, I sound like Paula.

P.S. we had several rewinds tonight: 3 boob rewinds (Paula, Lil and Miley), Paula's awkward arm gestures to Matt, Miley's hair flip fade into forgotten head bow, crazy "I heart Matt" poster lady and many others!!!

Judges decision: The judges used their save!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! But that means two have to go next week! How will I survive? Will I buckle under pressure?


Toni said...

We are so funny!

Michaelson Family said...

Just checked out your blog...
You are hilarious. Where are you now? TX? UT? ID?
We do need to catch up!!!
Here is the link to my blog...