Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And then there were FIVE

Remember my bottom 3 predictions? Anoop, Lil and Danny. Toni's bottom 3: Lil, Danny and Adam. Who's right? I really do think Anoop and Lil are gone!

Archie is back on the Idol stage.

Surprise, surprise....the Idols are lip syncing to their opening song.....great dance moves though...thanks to Paula! Paula is wearing a very short dress and taking huge steps!!! YIKES!

Lil is out! Too bad so sad! Not!

I totally fast forwarded through the disco medley. Sorry....not interested!

Danny your facial hair plus no glasses is making me hot and bothered. YUM!!!

Awkward moments brought to you by Ryan and Simon. It made Kris very uncomfortable as well as the entire audience.

Anoop in the bottom 3

Alison in the Bottom 3

David Archuleta performs....he's too precious

Anoops chester stache has grown in nicely. And Anoop is gone. Toni is very sad.

My predictions were right! I know this show all too well!

Well, I'm off to catch up on this week's One Tree Hill and 90210. I live for teenage drama!!!!

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elizabeth said...

Hey. I watch 90210. We must be BFFs.