Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Idol Top 7....part deux

Lil Rounds- "I'm Everyone Woman" Girl you need to tell us who you are. Paula made excuses for her being sick. But Lil wanted the judges to know that she axtually had fun.....Simon says farewell. (I asked Toni how she would spell Axtually and she said "A-c-h-t-w-a-l-l-y."

Kris Allen- LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! "She Works Hard for the Money." I sing this song on a daily basis!!! Chingles immediately!! Kara- The risk paid off big time! Gotta give you props. Simon could care less if he bought ladies underwear. You're ready for the big time dawg!!! (All the while Simon and Paula have a high school teen love banter)

Danny Gokey "September": Toni says bottom 3- She says that he does this every week. Starts out week and then picks it up. ....oh, he dropped it again. This week I have to agree. I'm not really feelin it this week. Randy- Check it...turned it into something that really worked for you tonight. You worked it out baby! Kara- was worried. An incredible vocalist...pitch is right on. Another solid performance for Danny. Paula- Always take it up one step higher. One of the sexiest voices ever. Simon- Performance- no star power. Needs to do something special.

Alison- "Looking for the Hot stuff"- Holy Leather and Sparkles!!! I'm tired of Alison. I'm bored. Toni is texting and I am wondering if I would like more chips and salsa. Randy- Over indulgent- one of the best singers in the competition. Always proves his point....what was his point? Kara- picked the right song....but the slow tempo hurt her. Simon- Always coming into the week as the underdog....brilliant performance.

Adam Lambert- "If I Can't Have You."- I thought this was an Alicia Keyes song? You look pretty decent all cleaned up. We're bored. But the boy can sing. Toni: "Worst song choice ever!" Paula gave a standing standing. That's what it's called when you don't clap. Randy- You are ready right now! Kara- Brilliant. Paula- felt his pain. Simon- didn't quite feel the pain. Love it because it was original. You're going to remember this performance. Ryan said that he "melted Paula into a pool of Abdul." Goo!

Matt- "Staying Alive"- JT relived...I like this a lot better than Adam's performance. Love his high notes!!! Randy- didn't love the song choice or arrangement but you can really sing dude! Kara- You brought disco back, vocals were pretty good, solid performance, Paula- You saved your own life...you're staying, Simon- Damper....I didn't like the performance.

Anoop- Toni: "Mmmmmmmmmm!" "Dim all the lights." Toni digs his the chester stache. And a lot of inappropriate remarks to follow. Didn't love it- Randy- rough last note, didn't love arrangement, dude...you can sing also. Nice baby nice!!! Kara- great song choice. Liked the beat...could be on the radio. Simon- Mediocre. One of his worst performances.

Rewinds: Lil's mother bad mouthing Simon....We think she's saying"Eff you Cowell." Danny's hot sisters, Alison rubbing her 16 year old body against Ryan and then licking her teeth afterwards, Paula's eyes glistening as Adam sings, Ryan and Adam standing side by side. Toni: "His hair is 14 times bigger than Ryan!!!", Lady shrieking when Simon dissed Matt, Kara getting pissed at Simon for dissing Anoop.

Paula's Pearls of Wisdom:
Paula to Kris: There's alot women that are willing to shop in the men's department, but not a lot of men willing to shop in the womens department. You shopped and it showed a perfect fit. (Simon needs a translator for the show.....as do I when Paula speaks.)

Paula to Alison- The word compromise does not even belong in your musical vocabulary.....blah, blah blah, authenticity.

Paula to Matt- You pick songs like I bowl. Sometimes you throw gutter balls and sometimes you throw strikes. This was a Strike!

Paula to Anoop: Real men know how to wear pink! Smile more! You have beautiful teeth!

Overused words: Over-indulgent, Dawg, Baby, Dude, authenticity

Bottom Three:

Kiki: Lil, Danny and Anoop

Toni: Lil, Danny and Adam

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