Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Classics from the top FIVE

Classics from the Rat Pack:

Kris Allen: "Just the way you look tonight." Chills. Multiple chills. Last note.
me to Toni: "That's a hard note to keep."
Toni: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She held the note to prove it wasn't that hard.
Randy- Best performance to date
Kara- set the technical standard incredibly high
Paula- blah blah blah
Simon- It was all a little bit wet......that's what he said.
Me: Most creative and he always picks the right song.

Alison: "Someone to watch over me."
Randy- That was dope. That was da bomb!
Kara- You're not a one trick pony.
Paula- blah blah blah
Simon- do you think you can win this competition in this stage?
Me: I got bored

Matt Giraud: "My funny valentine."
Randy: Up to the task for me....a little pitchy. Didn't quite come together
Kara: You've got to be the leader...you weren't emotionally connected
Paula: Love what he did with the song...a different side of Matt
Simon: Disagrees with Randy. The only believable authentic, song tonight. Completely brilliant!
Me: I've always have been a fan.

Danny Gokey: "Come Rain or Come Shine." Toni, " Your f-ing crazy." As directed to Jamie Foxx
Randy: You are the only one that I heard so far tonight that could have an album of songs like this and win. This is a singing competition and you can sing!!!
Kara: I've been missing the rat pack swagger and I got it tonight.
Paula: Stellar performance. Toni, " Did she get new teeth?"
Simon: Swagger and a confidence. That was outstanding.
side note- Simon just thanked Jamie Foxx for how he tutored him. What????

Toni was trying to vote for Danny and she kept getting a busy signal while I would get through every time. She was getting a little frustrated. Finally after the 50th time she got through...."It's about time bliatches!!!"

Adam Lambert: "Feeling Good." "The version that I'm doing has a little bit of a rock edge." Really?
Randy: you are in the zone consistently dude
Kara: Is he really doing that....sleazy, shocking and superb
Paula: You make me feel better than good.
Simon: Best entrance we have had of the year.
Me: I got my stripper dance on. So did Toni in the kitchen.

Sorry.....no pearls of wisdom from Paula tonight.....most of the time all I heard was blah, blah blah. So disappointing.

Bottom 3: Alison, Matt and Adam.....because me and Toni want Adam to be.

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Shelley said...

Ha! I love how detailed your idol worship is! :) I am the biggest fan of Matt,..but I am afraid he won't make it. :(

Good to get back in touch with you. I miss the good 'ole days.