Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock n' Roll week

So I didn't blog about the departure of Matt last week. Very sad, but it will be sad no matter who leaves at this point. Except I wouldn't mind Alison or Adam leaving. So I guess my top 2 are Kris and Danny.

Rock and roll week: Duets!!!

Adam Lambert: I'm so over him!!! But he has amazing pipes!!!
Randy- Rockstar ready to happen
Kara- You're a rock god!
Paula- A Whole lotta perfect!
Simon: Teasing!!! One of his favorite performances. Nobody can top that now.
Me: Once again, I'm over it.

Alison: Cry Baby
Randy: Did not love song choice....didn't love it...wasn't that great
Kara- Janis is the right choice....but different song...You transform when you go on that stage
Paula: Bio pick for Janis Joplin
Simon: Had complete confidence but not originality.
Me: Probably my favorite performance of hers and she gave Simon the verbal bird.

First Duet: Kris and Danny: Loved it!!!

Kris Allen: I should just come clean. This is not an American Idol blog, this is a tribute to Kris Allen. I LOVE him!!!

"Come Together" by the Beatles
Randy: Liked the vocals but loved the guitar
Kara: Def the softer side of rock but not a great performance...trying too hard. DIE BEAST!!!!
Paula: Artistic delivery made it yours
Simon: Didn't like it that much....like eating ice for lunch....Simon you need to find a heart.

Danny "Dream On" by Aerosmith....love this song!
Randy: This is not your genre....just alright....A+ for valiant effort
Kara: Took the swagger a little too far
Paula: blah blah blah
Simon: Last note was like watching a horror movie
Me: I really want him and Kris in the final 2

Alison and Adam's duet: "Slow Ride" Adam was a thunder stealer!!!!

Toni judged me this evening for voting for Kris 26 times. I voted for him one time for every year that I have been alive.

My prediction: Danny is gone even though I want him to stay.
Toni's prediction: Danny

This is a new little segment I would like to call "Constants."
There are so many unpredictable happenings with this show but some things just remain the same.

1. Randy's use of the words Dawg, Hot, that's dope
2. Paula's nonsense comments
3. Simon trying to out rude himself by his comments
4. Toni's comments about Danny...."it always starts out a little bit rough for me but then he turns it around for me in the middle."

I'll be sure to blog the results tomorrow!!!

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