Friday, April 10, 2009

Gavin DeGraw at Pallidium

So me and two of my galpals, Kristi and Angie went to go see Gavin DeGraw this evening. We started the evening out at Jason's Deli and then made the trek down to DT Dallas to the Palladium Ballroom where Gavin was playing. We got there and and a stretch limo was blocking the entrance. A middle-aged couple (who thought they were 25) got out and had the driver take pictures of them in front of the venue and then they took pictures of the Limo. LAME!!! Of course my impatient and classy self honked at them. We finally made our way to the parking lot and headed for the doors. First, we needed to take a picture in front of the Marquee. Who to ask to take a picture of us three? Well, the middle aged couple of course!! So thus the picture taking begins.

We entered the venue and found the merchandise table. I usually don't like to buy merchandise from a main stream artist. (Yes, Gavin is a little too main stream for me.) Plus, we're in a recession and I need to watch my spending. Well, Miss Kristi wants a t-shirt so she gets one. $30 for a t-shirt. Another reason I don't buy main stream artist's merchandise. Nobody's only charge $15 and they usually look cooler and are made on
American Apparel t-shirts. The merchandise guy hands Kristi her shirt and a blue wrist band.

Me:"What's that for?"

Kristi: "I don't know."

Me: "Ask him."

Kristi: "Sir, what's this used for?"

Merchandise guy:"To get in to meet Gavin."

I head immediately to the nearby ATM and get some cash out because I want to meet him too. I picked out a grey t-shirt. I had to buy an XL. It seriously looks like it could fit a 10-year old. I was kind of nervous that it wouldn't fit, but oh well! I was on my way to meet Gavin!!! And on a side note: what a smart way to make some extra money!!! I wasn't going to buy, but the incentive of meeting Gavin made me want to buy. Hats of to you Team Gavin!

The Opening Act:

Angel Taylor. She's a black girl that has tendancies of a white girl. She was wearing an Anthropologie top....on sale right now....and sitting at the keyboard. She had blunt cut bangs. Her voice was a cross between Duffy, Adele and a little bit of Ingrid Michealson all wrapped up together. Not a bad combination. She even did a cover of Adele's "Hometown Glory." She did very well!! You Should definitely check her out!

Gavin DeGraw:

So the main act came on stage and we had situated ourselves not too far from the stage and near a bathroom. There was a guy in front of us that was with a couple of girls. I don't know which girl he was with. He kept talking closely with both of them so it kind of threw me off. I wonder if he's one of those guys who have a million girl friends and is like that with every one of them? Anywho, I have to hand it to Clark. He knew Gavin's lyrics better than me, Angie and Kristi combined. He also had is cell phone up at all times to either take a picture, record a song or call a friend and let them listen. Nonetheless, I got a picture with Clark after the show. I think would be great real life friends. This ones for you Clark!

Back to the show!!! Gavin had a wonderful band that consisted of a drummer, guitarist (acoustic and electric) and a bass guitarist. They had so much energy and were just in sync with one another. You could tell that they always had a good time together and were good friends. During a lot of the songs they went off in tangents and it sounded like a good jam session! They played songs from all of his albums. "Chariot" was amazing!!! I think one of the best performances of the night was "I'm In Love with a Girl."
Boy does he have some talent!!! And serious vocals! He wasn't shy about releasing those vocals and getting comfortable with the crowd! After they played for about 90 minutes they ended and we cheered and they came back out for their encore. They played "More Than Anyone." This song always reminds me of One Tree Hill when Hayley and Nathan get married (for the 2nd time) and they dance to it at their wedding. Yes, my guilty pleasure is watching high school tv shows. Jealous? I just love how Gavin somehow combines all elements of soul, blues, jazz and rock to his music. I also love how he recognizes it in other artists in their sounds and incoprates it into his own music.

The meet and greet:

So our location was perfect because we were very near to the meet and greet line. Gavin left for a moment to shower. Thank you....he had a very bad case of pit taco. In line we made friends with several people. We made friends with a lovley couple that just moved from Chicago. We got to talking with them about the Windy city....which my roomie just informed me that it's called the Windy City for the long-winded politicians. Imagine that?!? Anyhooters.....I think the guy from the Chicago couple thought I was funny. After a show I feel like an old woman because I've been standing in the same place for 3+ hours. Thus, I need to do some stretches. Some involve stretching out my gluteous maximus. That's just the way it is. He kept laughing at me. We talked the entire time and they took pictures of us in line. We also made friends with the young girls in front us. Until one of them called ma ma'am. Rude! Nothing like being called ma'am at the age of 26. Her name was Julia and she was adorable. I also recognized the guitar player for Angel Taylor. I went over to him and asked him if he played for any other artists and he said he plays for a lot of artist for the Hotel Cafe. I was so right!!! I have seen him play several times!!! I feel really bad that I didn't remember his name though. It's either Jeff or Jason. Either way he is very talented. He's played with my favorite artist....Joshua Radin. I got a picture with him but I need to get it from Kristi and I will post it later! We also got a picture with the adorable guitar player. He's only 21 and he is sooooo talented! And now, we meet Gavin. This part is so rushed because he had so many fans to meet. He introduced himself to we didn't know. I debated on him signing my t-shirt or the post card they gave us while we were in line. I went with the post card because i wanted to wear my t-shirt....If I could squeeze my fat ace into it!! Gavin is vey nice and humble. He seemed very grateful that we would take time out to come and see his show and stay after to meet him. I LOVE YOU GAVIN!!! Here's our picture! If you notice...I have to be on my "good" side in every picture. My sisters know all about this and how important it is to me. I said to Jeff or Jason that I had a good side and he said, "just like Mariah Carey." I'm not the only vain person out there. So there it is ladies and gentlemen. My 2nd post in over a year and top notch night with my ladies and Gavin and new friends! To top it off, I'm wearing my new t-shirt as it is tradition to wear it to bed after a concert. My other tradition is to get a Sprite at McDonalds after a show. Got one and guzzled it down. I'm so ghetto sometimes! Hopefully I'll keep the blogging up so stay tuned!!



ang said...

Love this! What a fun night!

Jamie said...

you better keep the blogging up girl! you do way more exciting stuff than me! and you look so darling in all your pics! we will def have to do lunch soon! xo!

Carlyna said...

So you've fulfilled your one post a year; yet your blog is titled "The MANY Adventures of KiKi". confusing. Sounds like you had a good time!

elizabeth said...

Thank you for the Easter call. I will be calling you soon, when I have more minutes, of course. I love your bangs by the way. I hope to get some cute like that pretty soon.

Amanda said...

I love you Katie- you look hot in these pictures!! We need to get together. :)