Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taco Heaven

Oh what a productive Saturday! I got up this morning, took the dogs out, put my eyes in and then headed to the church to help clean. I was a little late...sorry Brad! I suck at life sometimes. After cleaning, my roomie Toni (just in case you didn't know) asked if I was hungry. My usual answer: "I can eat." Toni said that she was craving an authentic Mexican burrito. I suggested Taco Bueno. VETOED!!! She wanted a burrito like the ones we would get at Ramirez or Alberto's up in Idaho. Shout to BYU-I and late night burrito runs!!! So we decided to head up to Business 121. There had to be some taco shack of some sorts along that road. We turned right and then saw a red sign that read "TACO." It was attached to a gas station. We ventured in and found that among the hand written menu it was very cheap. 2 burritos for the ladies. This was probably the best people watching place ever. Even better than Sneaky Pete's. Good thing we were in sweats and grubby from cleaning the church. We fit right in!

I went to go purchase some beverages for Toni and I. The cashier was really friendly and was trying to sell me on the already purchased burritos that we ordered. I think his wife must have been the cook. Among others that we observed was a black family that consisted of a grandma, mom and son. The son was very obese and the mom wouldn't let him get fries. So he walked across the parking lot to Taco Bell. As he did so, she yelled at him to get her a coke. We overheard them talking and they were driving through to Wichita. Wichita Falls or Wichita, KS we didn't know. But what we do know is they were told by the grandma that they had to use the bathroom now because they were going to drive straight through. All the while that this was going on there were other people to watch.

Toni and I dubbed this Saturday morning as "Best Saturday morning ever!" The burritos were amazing!!! We are definitely coming back!!! Here is a picture or two of what we ate!
The black plastic bag is what our drinks came in...shady or not?

A little piece of heaven wrapped up in a tortilla

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