Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first set

So last weekend my work held an Earth Day event at our store. We had flowers for little kids to pot and lots of yummy treats.thumprints from Magnolia Bakery. This event allowed the moms of the kids potting the plants time to shop with our stylists. I was asked by my store manager if I could bring my guitar and sing some songs. I agreed and came up with a set of songs to sing. I also picked a couple of songs for me and my assistant ops manager, Lauren, to duet.

The week of the event I probably put in 5 hours a day of practice time! My fingers were very sore, but I was excited for the event. My district manager, Alix, and my regional manager, Elizabeth showed up. That made me a little nervous.

Overall the performance went really well! I love playing the guitar and singing and sharing a talent that I have been blessed with. I really need to to this more often! Lauren and I were a hit with our duets!!! It was a miracle that we didn't mess up because we only ran through the songs a few times. I would love for me and her to do some other songs together.

On the list:
"You're Not Sorry."= Taylor Swift
"You and Onions"- Meiko
"Give Me a Reason"- Meiko
"Giving Up"- Ingrid Michaelson
"Falling Slowly"= I can never remember their name!
"Hello"- Schuyler Fisk

Here's a picture that Elizabeth sent me:
Click here and here for items that we are wearing from Anthropologie. The yellow bee tee that I am wearing is made by Bono's label, Edun. Proceeds from that shirt will go to the funding of reasearching the disappearance of the honey bees. You can't buy it online, but you can come into the store to purchase. It's $58.


Jamie said...

oh.my.goodness. why didn't you tell me girl?! i would have stopped by! you look darling in that pic!

elizabeth said...

I wish I could have seen your performance. You could just videotape yourself and then post it on your blog. You look adorable.

joeAMANDAcolemolly said...

Yay for you - I'm just so proud right now. :)