Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother I love you, Mother I do....

I know that I am barely posting this before Mother's Day is over, but I just wanted everyone to know how amazing my dear, sweet momma is. That's right...we're from the South and that's what we call our moms!! I didn't get to celebrate with my momma today but I thought about all of the wonderful things she has done for me and our family. So here's to you momma! Revel in the awesomeness that is you!!!

Mom will never pass up an opportunity to tell a joke....or even tell it a second time, or third...Thanks for your sense of humor and your ability to laugh with us.

My Momma would tell me that as a child, me and my younger sister, Libby, would snuggle with her after the older kids went to school. She tells me frequently that she misses those times. I do too.

On cold mornings, Momma was always good at laying our clothes out in front of the heater so that they would be nice and toasty as we put them on. Something so little has stayed with me for so long. Sometimes when it's cold, I wish I was a kid again and that Momma was here to lay my clothes out. 

Momma takes care of everything. From being the room mother in elementary school, bringing snacks for the softball team, making costumes for ballet recitals, taking care of injuries or allowing me to move home for a week when I had mono so that she could take care of me....she has always been there for me. 

People tell me all of the time, "you have amazing hair!" I simply reply, "I got it from my momma."

Notice Momma's gorgeous hair!

No offense Momma, but you can't carry a tune....but I love that you recognized the importance of music in our lives and sacrificed a lot of time and money so that we could have a life filled with music. Because of you, I always have a song in my heart.

Momma is the best story teller. When I was little, we would go on walks around Leford's Mill (in Tennessee) and she would tell me about her parents, her grandparents and her siblings. She has an innate ability to tell a story and depict it in a way that you can picture what she is telling you. To me, it was the best way that she could ever link me with my family...some of them that I never knew.

My momma has the most beautiful green eyes and she was so kind that she passed them on to me! When I was little, my siblings, who all had blue eyes, would gang up on me and tell me that I was adopted because I had green eyes. I would run and cry to her and she would wipe my tears away and tell me that was untrue. She would always remind me that I was the only child that got her eyes.

So many times I would walk into my momma's room and either find her reading her scriptures or on her knees praying. What a beautiful testimony of action that my momma was able to show to me. Momma sets the best example!

The list could go on and on and on. I love my momma. She is my world. I am thankful, momma, that He has sent me to you. Happy Mother's Day!



"Some of the best things in life are right in front of you"


Amanda said...

So true Katie! I love your Momma too! She is so fun to be around, just like you.

elizabeth said...

I love her too. I love that last picture of you two.

Kat said...

So sweet! Those pictures (I believe I saw a sample of them on your phone) are incredible. I see from where you get your beauty!