Friday, July 29, 2011

Golden Year

So I've had this blog for a while and it's entitled, "The Many Adventures of Kiki." Sorry for the huge let down on the "many" adventures. This year I turn (deep breath) 29 on the 29th. That means it's my golden birthday and I'm going so far to say it's my golden year. I haven't quite figured out what amazing things will happen, but I know that there are several things that I can control and for the most part so many things that I can't control. I guess we can call those things, "surprises and delights." One thing that I can control is how much I from here on out, you'll be hearing from me a little more. 

So bring it on 29. I'm going to make the best of it!


Rae said...


Lindsey said...

SWEET!!! I so miss you and would love to be more in tune with what's going in your world! (Of course, we should also remedy that with some actual face time too!) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My golden year was 23 and I made a point to do something new/different on the 23rd of every month that year. It was really cool, actually, and got me out of my box. Sometimes they were simple things, like trying sushi for the first time (SO glad I did that!!) and sometimes they were big, like running a marathon (Ok so that one hurt quite a bit, but definitely cool). Celebrate BIG girl and I hope you enjoy every second of your golden year!!!

elizabeth said...

Good. You'd better. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love you soooo much.