Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 10: The ol' Bucket List's been 5ish days since my last post, but work has been a very good way! So here is a new post about my bucket list. I have never really made a list so here are some things off of the top of my head that I would like to do before I die...

1. Own a rediculously, fabulous, expensive purse. Maybe a Berkin.
2. Buy my own TV
3. Have/ adopt (if need be) a baby.
4. Have sexy toned legs (this is actually a goal to be done before I'm 6 months)
5. Go to Europe, especially Austria to take the Sound of Music Tour
6. Write a book
7. Record an albulm
8. To love someone more than myself
9. To live by my sister, Libby, at some point
10. To learn and master the French language

There you have it. 10 things I want to do. Some are long time wanted goals...some I just made up. 

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Mal said...

You want to take the Sound of Music tour? That is so cute. I love that idea. I want to take the Sound of Music tour. :-)