Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 6: Someone who inspires me

So I am living up to my promise....I have not blogged every day...but I'm still WAY better than I used to be. Today's blogging topic is about someone who inspires me.

A few years ago, a girl at my work told me about a blog that she loved and thought that I would like it. too She even told me that the woman who wrote the blog was a Mormon, just like me. Her name is Stephanie Nielson and she is the blogger of "The Nei Nei Dialogues."I started to read her blog and was hooked! She had been in a terrible plane accident with her husband and suffered from burns from 80% of her body. I had started reading her blog while she was in recovery. Her sisters and husbad kept her blog up for her until she was able to return. I decided to go to past blog posts and learn more about her and her family. She is truely an inspiring woman. From her love of her family, her husband, her faith, to her hobbies, she finds delight in everything around. She is also very real. There are some blog posts about her trials and her heartaches. She has made me laugh, cry and overall put my life into perspective. Am I grateful for what I have? Am I making the most of my time here on Earth? Am I truely getting the most out of my relationships with my friends and family? Thank you to my co-worker, Collette, for introducing me to this blog. Please take a moment to read it. She is also coming out with a book this April entitled, "Heaven is Here." You can go to a link on her blog that will take you to a preview of her book.

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