Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Seven: Do the iPod Shuffle

So today's blogging challenge is to put my iPod on shuffle and see what the next 10 songs are. I have the most random taste in music so you never know what may come here it goes!

1. "The World to Me" by David Gray
2. "Home is Where the Heart is" by Lady A
3. "Before We Come Undone" by Kris Allen
4. "Headlock" by Imogen Heap
5. "Wildwood Flower" by Reese Witherspoon (as June Carter Cash on "Walk the Line")
6. "2-1" by Imogen Heap
7. "Howl" by Florence + the Machine
8. "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody" by Sam and Dave
9. "Norway" by Beach House
10. "Huddle Formation" by The Go! Team

So not too bad! Look a couple of these up if you don't them. Can't wait to see everybody else's list.

1 comment:

"Bri Dream" said...

These are all great songs, and I greatly appreciate your taste in music.