Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top 10 reasons why I have the best Dad!!!

To honor my father this Father's Day, I have decided to post the top 10 reasons why I have the best Dad. This is not in lui of giving my dad a Father's Day gift....he's coming to town in a few weeks and will get his gift then. Of course there are more than 10 reasons why Dad is amazing but I had to narrow it down! Without further ado....the top 10!!!!

10. He sure loves a good girlie movie. Anytime we want to watch a movie my dad suggests "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Why, might you ask? We have no idea. He claims that he just wants to give us the option of watching a girlie movie.
Enter in nickname #1: Girlie-mon (as said in Jamaican accent)

9. He taught me how to play the guitar when I was 17. It was the summer before I left for college and I was finally determined to learn how to play. He sat me down and taught me how to read the chords to John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads." From then on I was hooked! Thanks dad for passing down the musical talent!!

8. My dad is the hardest working man I know! My dad can't sleep in to save his life. I have learned this in the last few years. Sometimes, when I spend the night at my parent's house, I sleep on the couch. Without fail, I will be woken up at 6 am to my father unloading pots and pans in the kitchen or to him mowing the lawn at 8 am. If I can't sleep in, I stay in bed and father- he works!! Thanks dad for teaching us a great work ethic!

7. When my dad was 19 he thought the world of red head Dicie Martin. Enough so that they got married! Together, they have 4 children, 1 grandchild, 2 more on the way and 3 grandpuppies. Thanks for always treating mom with respect and love and for being such a great leader in our family! You two make being in love look easy!!

6. Dad's cookin'!!! Whether he broils, bake, grill, fry, sautee or marinate, Dad is famous for his cookin'! Pralines, banana pudding, shrimp boils, crawfish etoufee, grilled veggies, brisket with homemade BBQ sauce, fresh salsa, saugage balls, you name it!!! The man sure can cook!!! What makes this quality even better is his enthusiasim when he describes what he's cooking. know what I'm talking about!!

5. Dancing in the kitchen. Me and Libby would always fight over who got to dance with Daddy in the kitchen. It first started out with me dancing on his feet, then it moved on to me following his steps. This past year we mastered turns. Yep! We're amazing!!! Here's to many more years to dancing in the kitchen and hopefully at my wedding (keep your fingers crossed for me on that one!)

4. A story is always funnier when Dad tells it. Just a couple of days ago, Libby was telling me about a story Dad had told her and how when he was telling it, she couldn't understand what he was saying because he was laughing/crying so hard. He probably was producing some of his famous crocidile tears! This makes us laugh so hard. It's even funnier if he's with his brother Chris. Together they make the old man laugh and just cry!!!

3. Whether it's the first day of school, first day of a new job, a day when I'm sick or just a time when I'm have a difficult day, my dad has always be ready and worthy to give a Priesthood blessing. I don't live by my dad right now and there are times that I long for a comforting blessing that only a Father can give. I am very blessed to have my dad to be there for me and to offer those blessings to me.

2. My Dad is a superhero. 11 years ago we were in a bad car accident. When Dad finally came home from the hospital he had to live downstairs and my mom had to shampoo is hair in the kitchen. She would wrap this yellow plastic cape-like thing around his shoulders to act as a funnel for the water into a bucket. While she lathered his hair up she would make funny hairdo's for my dad. There, with his cape and awesome do he was given his superhero nickname. Enter in nickname #2: Dudemon. also known as Dude. Dad- you are defineltly a superhero to me whether you realize it or not. You know how to make rough situations smooth, scary situations calm and love us no matter what!!

1. The number 1 reason why I have the best dad is........that he serves the Lord so faithfully and leads our family by example. Dad has always faithfully served in numerous church callings, completed home teaching assignments every month and donated time and talents in serving others. What an amazing legacy to pass onto to us and to our children. You are very much loved and appreciated, dad! You're an amazing person and I am very grateful to celebrate and honor you this Father's Day!!!


Rachel Hagen said...

Awe, these are all reasons why i love your dad too. Jimmy-Boy is a great man. Loves to him and you.

Jamie said...

sweet tribute katie!