Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday weekend

So my birthday as come and gone and I am one year older. I had a fabulous 5 days off in a row!! I was able to sleep, clean, go to lunch with a friend who just moved back to Dallas, hang out with friends, catch up on "The Hills,"get a mani and pedi, spray tan, celebrate my birthday, get my dogs groomed, clean some more, read, make 4 floral arragements, host a lingerie shower, take a couple of naps, taught my niece how to pick the perfect bloom, see Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton, prepare and give a talk for church, attend a fireside and write up training plans for work. I guess I did a lot! 

Here are a few pictures for you!

My friend, Tim and I at the Brad Paisley concert

Ready for my Luau

Flowers that I arranged for the shower. My mom would be so proud!

I went back to work today and to be honest I was dreading it a little bit. However, I had such a great day and I felt so refreshed. I think I over did it a little bit....I came home and crashed into a 3 hour nap. Anyhoo....I was able to catch up on Project Runway. I don't have any favorites yet, but there is a guy on there that is one of my friends best friends....technically making me famous.

Until next time, friends....goodnight.


Amanda said...

That luau pic is beautiful of you! Glad you had a happy birthday. And I'm feeling so privileged so know someone famous!!

elizabeth said...

I agree with Amanda. That is a gorgeous luau pic. And wow, are you behind on The Hills.