Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's be real

Yesterday at church, my friend spoke about blogging. I know. Not something that is typically preached over the pulpit, but he had some great insight about it. He talked about how typically when we blog, we are blogging the best parts of our lives and sometimes when we are reading other people's blogs, we tend to start comparing our lives to theirs, thinking that they're life is so much better than our own. IT IS SOOOOO TRUE!!! I am guilty of comparing my life to other people's lives because at one time or another I have felt that my life is on hold because I don't have a husband or children yet, that I'm not as cultured because I don't travel enough, or that I don't have the luxury of time to craft and post pictures of my masterpieces. Feeling this way is not the intent of blogging. Blogging is intended to keep people up-to-date on your life, to display your creativity and to share your feelings both good and bad. It's a way that we connect. So I will put on a new attitude when reading other's posts.

On another note.... I was driving to my friend, Alexa's house this evening and Maria Tayor's "Time Lapse Lifeline" started playing. As I was driving, I noticed that the sun was almost setting and somehow the last light of the sun was bouncing through the trees as I was driving through the curves of the road and it was keeping the beat of the song. Have you ever had an experience with a song where it felt as though it was part of your life...almost like the soundtrack of your life? Well I had this moment this evening and I thought I would share her video with you. So enjoy!

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