Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have a crush on you...

 Day 2 of the blogging challenge: Celebrity crush. I would like to lie to you and say that it took a lot of time to debate who my celebrity crush is, but I really don't like to lie. It took no time at all. I have had a crush on this guy for years. YEARS!! I know he's a little younger than me, but really love knows no age....or something like that. He has starred in many critically acclaimed films such as, "Hairspray," "Charlie St. Cloud," "High School Musical," "New Years Eve" and in the movie in which I fell in love, "17 Again." I  know. It's a little shameful to have a crush on someone that teenagers swoon over, but really? Did you take a good look at those abs? And he has dance moves to die for. I take it back! I'm not ashamed! I am proud to annouce that my celebrity is crush is none other than the gorgeous ZAC EFRON!!!

                             Swoon <3                                                                      

***Even though I may not be ashamed, I know my 14 year old niece would be really embarrassed for me. 

***Also, it would be rediculous to not mention that Bama won it's 2nd National Championship in 3 years!! Roll Tide Roll!!! 

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Amanda said...

He's mine too!!!!! Love that boy.